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About Junction AI

For new Junction AI customers get 50% off your 1st month, a 14 day Free Trial and Clearbanc provides a 9.5% cashback when you use your Clearbanc card. Click on the claim cashback offer button above to activate the offer. Conditions do apply, speak to your sales rep or your account manager for more information.

Clearbanc & Junction AI

Optimize your ad creative before you waste any more money! Our AI helps you optimize your copy and images for Google Adwords Search ads and Facebook Ads in minutes.  Our AI helps you dramatically boost ROAS! Our clients are seeing BIG results, from 3-10x conversions at 50% less cost, 11x lift on CTRs at 68%  less cost per click! You can run unlimited tests on ad images and copy to optimize ads before you deploy them live. Use predictions to fine tune existing ads to massively improve performance. It's easy to use, no tech required, access online and you get results from day 1.   Junction AI uses AI to create a personalized audience model based on your brand’s data on channels like Google and Facebook. It’s targeted, relevant to your brand, and secure. Your AI Audience Model represents your customers so you get feedback on what will work without wasting time and money on live experimentation.

Popular Use Cases

B2B Services - Junction AI helps InstantTeams increase ad engagement by 200% and reduce ad spend by 50%

Challenge InstantTeams spent precious marketing dollars on campaigns that didn’t deliver results. Their sector is highly competitive, they need quality inbound engagement. Spending more on the same failing ad strategy was not an option. Solution InstantTeams built an AI Audience Model in a single click on Junction AI. The model used their previous campaign data, perfect for testing ads before going live. They uncovered concepts for their ad copy by using the AI to analyze competitor ads. They saw what attracted their audience and used these insights to create new Google Search Ads. Result InstantTeams realized more than 2x ad engagement at less than 50% cost compared previous campaigns. They exceeded sector benchmarks with 65% more engagement at 66% less cost.

Financial - 3x Performance in Seconds

Ratebroker does something everyone wants and needs, they help you easily and quickly get the best mortgage rate and insurance premiums. And they make it incredibly easy for their customer, they shop around your opportunity to a wide range of companies who want your business. Utilizing Junction AI Ratebroker was able to quickly and easily discover the text search ad copy that Junction AI predicted to significantly over-perform their existing ads. The results breakdown on their existing ads identified a variety of copy concepts. In minutes Ratebroker tested with variants of the copy to find high performing variations. Normally this would have taken weeks or months of live experimentation and cost a significant amount of money. The Junction AI predicted Google Search Ads succeeded, dramatically increasing the traffic flow and conversions. The platform analyses the ad copy and tests it against their audience data. This allowed Ratebroker to do months of ad live experimentation so their ads were optimized before they even deployed, boosting the return on ad spend significantly.

E-Commerce - 205% Increase in Facebook Ad ROI

Challenge FortyFiveSearch are growth marketing specialists used to the highly competitive environment of advertising on Facebook. They struggled to get initial Facebook ads to convert at a profitable ROAS for their client: Solution After creating an audience model in Junction AI, FortyFiveSearch were able to iterate quickly on creative clarity to build better performing ads before publishing on Facebook. By testing ad images and copy on an audience model Forty Five Search optimized ad creative with targeted insights specifically relevant to Facebook. Result FortyFiveSearch realized a massive 205% improvement in return on ad spend (ROAS) with a 65% reduction in cost per ad (CPA) for

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